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  • Pallet Requirements

    Packing Requirements

    All goods collected or delivered by us MUST be placed on a pallet.  However, we appreciate not everyone has access to empty pallets and this is why if you don’t have a pallet, then we can help. For an additional £25 plus VAT we can arrange for a pallet to be supplied to you upon collection of your goods. It is your responsibility to ensure the goods are safely stacked on the pallet.  All details must have been entered correctly on the booking page and your goods packed in accordance with the following specifications.

    Failure to do so may result in refusal to collect the pallet if the driver deems the goods or the way they have been packaged to be unsafe.

    The Goods on the Pallet

    MUST be stable when packed or placed on the pallet;
    MUST be firmly and properly secured with either plastic shrink-wrap or banded with either fibre or steel banding; 
    MUST be sufficiently packaged to protect the goods.
    MUST be able to withstand being manoeuvred up to seven times.
    MUST NOT overhang the edges of the pallet;
    MUST NOT exceed the dimensions of the size of pallet entered;  
    MUST NOT be top heavy.

    Pallet Size Guide (Including Oversize Pallets)

    Pallets are a standard size with dimensions of 120(cm) x 100(cm). If the goods exceed these dimensions typically by overhanging the pallet, then the consignment becomes oversized. For this we need to charge extra due to the allocated space on the lorry.  Our website will work all this out behind the scenes to give you the best price.

    Note: Please be aware that if ordering an empty pallet from us, these are of the standard dimensions mentioned above, as oversized empty pallets do not exist.


    Extra Collection/Delivery Cost Per Consignment

    AM/PM £20

    Saturday AM £70

    Handballing £20

    Additional pallets £25 


    Freight is carried under Road Haulage Association (RHA) Conditions of Carriage for the part of the journey within the UK and under CMR Conditions whilst in transit in Europe. Under those conditions our maximum liability to you is £1.30 per kilo and our standard insurance covers this liability.

    • We do not cover for household goods or house moves with any levels of cover. If you send pallets with household goods, this will be sent at your own risk.
    • If you wish to extend those liability limits you can pay for additional liability insurance as follows:

    Additional Insurance

    For additional insurance, you can chose from one of the following options:

    £4.95 plus VAT – this will cover your goods for up to £5/kilo;

    £5.95 plus VAT – this will cover your goods for up to £10/kilo;

    £9.95 plus VAT – this will cover your goods for up to £25/kilo.

    Extended Insurance

    For an extra payment we can arrange for goods to be insured against our liability to you under our terms and conditions of carriage up to a value of £25,000. There are however, certain criteria that must be adhered to:

    • The goods cannot overhang the pallet in any way. The goods must be placed within the confines of the pallet and must be wrapped and safely secured by the customer. Ideally the goods should be banded to the pallet. We cannot offer the pallet and wrap service in conjunction with the extended insurance option.
    • Extended Insurance cannot be offered on over-sized pallets due to the above restriction on goods over hanging the edges of the pallet.
    • Unfortunately we are unable to offer extended insurance on Aga or Range cookers and computers, TV’s and other electronic goods.
    • Extended insurance is only available on collections from business addresses (non-residential) only and has to be requested by ourselves to the insurance company. They may request a photograph of the pallet to ensure it complies with the conditions of the insurance. They will then review the request and we will inform you of their decision.
    • The goods can be collected on an economy collection but must be delivered as a next day delivery in the UK and premium in Europe.

    To read more about claiming on your pallet insurance, and reviewing our conditions of carriage, please visit this page.

    Note: all the above are liability insurance only to cover for our liability to you as set out in our terms and conditions of carriage. If you require all-risks or comprehensive insurance you must arrange suitable insurance directly yourself with your own insurers.

    EasyPallets is part of a pallet distribution network. This means from the collection address to the delivery address, the goods are handled a minimum of six times either by fork truck or pump truck, which is why it is essential the goods are packed correctly. Please see our section on packing requirements. Please note that in the event of the goods being damaged, if the packaging requirements are not adhered to, the insurance could be invalid.

    When your goods are delivered, the person responsible for accepting and signing for the goods should make a brief examination of the outer packaging and if necessary unpack the consignment and check it fully. If any damage is suspected or apparent, the delivery note should be marked accordingly. The word “unchecked” will not be accepted as a claused delivery. Insurance companies will not consider a claim for damages or loss when a clean or clear proof of delivery is produced. Any discrepancies at the delivery point must be reported in writing within three days from date of delivery.

    In the unlikely event of loss or damage, we must be notified in writing at EasyPallets within three days of delivery in the case of damage to the consignment and within 10 days of dispatch in the event of loss. Failure to notify us within these times may result in insurance cover being reduced or refused.