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  • Tips on how to send a Pallet

    There may come a time when you need to send a pallet as you may have ordered something you need delivering by a pallet or you have goods that need to be returned but what should you be aware of when sending a pallet?


    • Make sure your goods are on a pallet and secured appropriately
    • If your goods are fragile / high value pack the item with bubble-wrap, cardboard, unused blankets or towels – anything to make sure your goods are well covered and protected. Finally wrap with cling film and attach securely to the pallet.
    • Put the delivery address and any further notes on the packaging to say whether it is FRAGILE or that nothing should be placed on top of the packaging – ie DO NOT STACK.  
    • Make sure you have the right level of insurance for your goods. For an extra fee we are able to offer additional insurance and further details on our liability insurance can be found here


    • Send engines that have oil in them.  All oil MUST be drained. Failure to do so will result in a delay in your pallet being sent. 
    • Insufficiently wrap and secure your goods to the pallet. It is your responsibility to make sure this is done properly. Your pallet MUST be able to withstand being manoeuvered up to six times
    • Allow your goods to overhang the edges of the pallet. It is important you obtain the right pallet size for your goods

    If you require any clarification with regards to sending a pallet or wish to discuss insuring your goods then please call us on 0333 121 66 99 and we will be happy to help.